Karunika Yoga Amsterdam offers a wide range of practices rooted in compassion and the expansion of awareness for anyone interested in holistic healing and sovereignty.

Our diverse team is here to guide you in both strengthening your body and your connection to Spirit. Each teacher holds the creative freedom to teach uniquely inspired lessons you won't find anywhere else. This allows for deeper connections with our students and guarantees a more intuitive practice. We offer a variety of group lessons, workshops, and private sessions that focus on meditation both in stillness and movement i.e. yoga, fascial fitness, breathwork, meditation, sound healing, massage and more.

We aim to help you shed those distractions that keep you from being who you're truly meant to be. By guiding you through the inherent language of the universe - empathic communion - you become more aware of the wondrous connection to all life and the shared consciousness that which the universe expresses itself through. This brings more joy, vitality, and resilience into your life and those around you. Let's make the world a kinder healthier place together.